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Menu de mouton :
Exceptional natural casing

Consultez notre page dédiée aux boyaux naturels de mouton pour vous aider à faire le choix parfait en fonction de la recette que vous avez en tête pour vos saucisses.

If you’re looking for quality natural sheep casings for your butchery needs, look no further than Menu de mouton. Natural sheep casing is an excellent alternative to pork casing for sausages, merguez and other meat preparations.This natural casing, also known as sheep menu, is available in several sizes, making it suitable for a wide variety of meats and cured meats.

Menu mouton : Choosing the right casing
to suit your needs

Tips for using our products

Use different gauges of sheep casings according to your needs and recipes.


For the manufacture of fresh sausages such as chipolata, merguez, Frankfurter, Strasbourg, cocktail, dry sausage…

System B also offers advice and technical support to help butchers make the most of their sheep casings.

With this in mind, we have created the WHEELINKER to help you gain in productivity and provide a real complement.

Sheep casing is the essential casing for sausage making.

If you’re looking for quality sheep casing for your butchery business, menu mutton is a safe and reliable choice. With menu mouton, you can be sure of top-quality results for full-flavored recipes. Sheep casing is a choice option for butchers and other meat professionals. It’s natural, strong and versatile, making it suitable for a wide variety of preparations.

of mutton casings

Sheep casings can be packaged in a variety of ways, including jars, buckets and drums, in bulk or in flexible casings.
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