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Wheelinker sausage maker
for professionals

If you’re looking for a reliable sausage machine that calibrates and cuts for your laboratory, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Wheelinker takes care of portioning and cutting your sausages

Choose your size
The Wheelinker comes with 12 sets of clamp!
triangles rouges
triangles rouges
triangles rouges
image saucisses
saucisse wheelinker

1 set

chipolata wheelinker

2 sets
Chipolatas sandwich (36cm)

3 ensembles system b

3 sets
Chipolatas Merguez (20 to 24cm)

4 ensembles wheelinker system b

4 sets
Chorizo (10 to 12cm)

4 ensembles wheelinker system b

6 sets
Toulouse (14 to 18cm)

12 ensembles machine à saucisses

12 sets
Cocktail (5cm)

Insert your freshly embossed product
Wheelinker works with all natural casings, collagens and alginates
Turn the crank handle!

Manual sausage machine for professionals

We offer a sausage machine designed to meet the needs of delicatessens, butchers, caterers and other meat-related industries.
The professional sausage machine we offer is made from top-quality materials, which guarantee its resistance to intensive use. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for everyday use.

Tips for using
the Wheelinker sausage machine

A manual sausage machine is a simple but effective tool for producing quality sausages with ease. Operation is relatively straightforward and requires no particular expertise.

Once sausage production is complete, it’s important to clean the sausage machine thoroughly to ensure hygienic use and prolong the equipment’s lifespan.

Sausage machine features

  • Increased productivity
  • Clean, precise sausage closures
  • Suitable for all casings (pork, sheep, collagen, alginate, etc.)
  • Choice of lengths (5 cm to 36 cm)
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